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Engage your teams with Enjoy Your Business to ensure the success of all your projects.
Enjoy Your Business

The global solution to succeed all your projects.


Support and methods based on the commitment of your teams


An all-in-one collaborative tool for the performance of your company


A fast implementation to notice direct results

Already more than 20 000 users !

Enjoy Your Business is already set up and have made prooves in huge, small and mid-sized companies.
The agile deployment of our solution as well as our premium support will guarantee the success of your digital and managerial transformation.


Engage your teams and lead your projects to success

It’s a fact that that employees commitment about corporate projects is a key factor of success or failure for those ones.

Our progressive support methods, thanks to features of our collaborative tool and our unique pedagogy, will allow you to realize all your projects through the magic potion of success : the commitment of your employees.

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The recipe of Enjoy Your Business is …


Novative methods

An expertise based on modern management methods and innovative commitment techniques. This expertise will allow you to boost your business, to lead you in the way of success, while generating the maximal involvment of your employees.


Powerful tool

A global collaborative solution that offers all the necessary tools for the performance of nowadays’ project teams. Unleash your business and simplify the daily routine of your employees by centralizing all their activities on a same and global digital platform.


Necessary support

A unique support for each client : because even with the right methods and the right tools, involve your employees wont be something easy. We’ll guide you on a pre-defined schedule according to your needs in order to assist you in the implementation of our solution.

Don’t look anymore, everything is there…

And even more.


Define your strategy and create your talking groups around your projects.


Each user is free to post an idea, to add a document, a comment, …


Each contribution can be sorted into a kanban board to keep only the best ideas.


All documents shared within the contributions are sorted and easily accessible.


All our features are available on the mobile app.

Have a look at all of our features

  • Visualization of the strategic axes
  • To Enjoy (to like) a contribution
  • Commentary of contributions
  • Blog of communication
  • Publishing of article
  • Publishing videos
  • Photo wall
  • Polls Editor
  • Common calendar
  • Workgroup management
  • Unlimited working groups
  • Rights management
  • User Directory
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Manage Attached Files
  • Quick Action Filters
  • Meeting Mode
  • Shifting of Contributions
  • News wall
  • Statistics of reading, consulting, ...
  • Automatic sending of reminder emails
  • Managing Private Workgroups
  • “Game” mode
  • Private discussions between users
  • Quick login without password
  • Transforming ideas into action
  • Real-time notifications

They trust us

“We have switched our project of setting up the quality management system on our Enjoy platform. This was done with them by a simple and step-by-step approach. This allows us to work collaboratively and involve everyone in quality. This is one of the objectives of the standards, with the challenge of continuous improvement of our processes. It also simplifies our audits and meetings. Our projects are thus coherent and linked to our corporate strategy.”

Claire SERGENT - Environment Quality Manager

Claire SERGENT - Environment Quality Manager

DACTYL BURO - 300 employees

“We have to manage a network of a hundred companies spread over the whole territory and we spend our time knowing where we were in our projects by multiplying the exchanges by mail to finally lose even more time to follow up and information searches. The “Enjoy Your Business” platform allowed us to structure our exchanges by projects in relation to the EIG strategy. Now we know the advancement level of the projects, who does what and what we need to do. The communication is very fluid, we do not lose any good idea or remark of the members on the subjects that we treat together and it really saves us precious time, handed over to the service of the development of our group and the success of our objectives.”

Alain BARLAND - Président of the EIG

Alain BARLAND - Président of the EIG

EIG Huissaction - 100 members

“Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003. The assumption is that I managed the processes as a whole, with the observation that few employees took control of the subjects, documents and performance indicators. We therefore decided to switch our strategic policy to collaborative mode and were able to greatly simplify the approach. All our employees are now involved in the working groups and we can interact in real time on all the axes of continuous improvement of our services. This will allow me to delegate the monitoring and updating of our Quality Management System which is shared on the “Enjoy Your Business “platform. We did not have a lot of time to switch and we can already see a strong interest on the part of the whole team on everyday topics.”

Stéphane PANIER DES TOUCHES - Bailiff, associate

Stéphane PANIER DES TOUCHES - Bailiff, associate

Auxilia Conseils 18 - 17 employees

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